LEAP Community Awards

Helping projects that improve the lives of children aged 0-3.

Do you have an idea for a project that:

  • helps children aged 0-3 and their families 
  • who live in Coldharbour, Stockwell, Tulse Hill or Vassall?

Your project could get up to £2,000 in funding through our Community Awards.

**The LEAP Awards (2020/21) have now closed**

Community Awards

What kind of ideas/projects?

We’ll be considering all kinds of ideas – from family veg growing to baby yoga and performance classes.

Your project should achieve at least one of the following things:

• Help children and their families enjoy healthy meals or get active in fun ways.

• Help parents and babies strengthen their bonds, explore their feelings or share their experiences.

• Help children develop their speaking and communication skills through books, rhymes, songs or games.

Who can apply?

You have to apply as a group. We welcome applications from existing groups and new groups. 

We'd really like applications from people living in Coldharbour, Stockwell, Tulse Hill and Vassall.

Your proposal must:

  • Help families with children aged 0-3.
  • Take place in Stockwell, Vassall, Coldharbour and Tulse Hill – use our postcode checker.
  • Be free for all participating children and their families.
  • Benefit at least 10 children.
  • Include plans for how you will continue your project after using up the award money.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for any amount between £500 and £2,000.

How do I apply?

**The deadline for applying has now passed**

If you missed out this time, you'll have another chance when we launch our next Awards season.

How can I get help with my application?

**The deadline for applying has now passed**

Talk to your Family Engagement Worker about the scheme:


Learn the basics of writing an application for the LEAP Award. And get help formulating a project.

  • Application workshop
  • Half hour 1-2-1 workshops

When is the deadline?

**The deadline for applying has now passed**

The deadline for applications (winter round) was Monday 21 December at 9pm.

What happens if I'm successful?

We will support you to smoothly launch your project – answering any questions you have along the way.

What if I'm not successful?

We'll give you feedback on how you could strengthen your application and apply again.

Resources and tools

We've put together some tools to help you plan your project.

Project planner

Use the project planner to help you think about what you want to do, how you're going to do it, and how you'll know you've been successful.

Budget planner

Use the budget planner to work out what resources you need, how much these will cost, and how much you need to apply for

Risk checklist

Things can, and do, go wrong. Plan ahead with the risk checklist so you're prepared for a rainy day

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