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Cooking tutorials, gardening and green spaces, physical activities and more from our Healthy Living Platform.

Healthy Living Platform is helping the community to be healthier and happier. 

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How will the Healthy Living Platform support you?

The Healthy Living Platform enables families to eat healthily, socialise, and be physically active, through regular sessions and one-off activities. 

Children who are born into healthy families and have a healthy start in life are less likely to encounter health and wellbeing problems in later life.

How does it work?

Regular attendees of Healthy Living Platformg activities become members and receive a weekly update to access a range of free activities throughout the week. 

Membership is free and open to all families with children under 4 who live, work or play in the four LEAP wards. Members receive a free bag of vegetables each week and access training so that they can lead activities in their communities themselves.

Healthy Living Platform

What happens when you attend an activity?

Join us for a free lunch almost every day of the week. 

  • Learn how to cook healthy vegetarian meals and get your children involved in cooking and tasting. 

  • Share your favourite recipes and take a lead role in the cooking. 

  • Sit down with other families and share a meal together, while hearing about healthy ingredients and recipe ideas and how to get your children to eat more vegetables.

  • Keep up the healthy eating at home with a bag of vegetables to take home and bring a tupperware to take home any leftovers (if there’s anything left). 

The sessions include getting outside and playing in the gardens, and even growing some food where we have space. We often pick fresh herbs and salads. We also 'pop-up and play’ inside and out with beanbags, hoops and occasionally bring in yoga and zumba teachers to get everyone active and increase heart rates. 

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Families find it easier to live healthily by including more vegetables in their cooking, accessing a home cooked meal at lunchtime, and including physical activity and play in their daily routines. 

  • Families are inspired to cook healthily on a budget and seek ideas and advice on healthy living.

  • Families have the opportunity to be more active in their local environment.

  • All events are highly inclusive, and families report reduced isolation with activities laid on almost every day of the week.

How to get involved

All events are free, please see the events page for more details.

For more information about the service or an event contact: 

Anna Sjovorr-Packham - Healthy Living Platform Programme Coordinator

Phone - 07701 365551

How to get involved

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