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Meet the Lambeth Housing Professionals

Join Nicola and Trisan for the ‘Meet the Lambeth Housing professionals’ series. Each Thursday at 2 p.m. we host a 30-minute Teams session where we meet managers from the Housing teams to give you insight into how the teams are structured and how they can support your clients during the Covid-19 crisis and in general. This will also be a brilliant opportunity to ask any questions you may have for us and our busy managers.  

Participants will not need to have their own video turned on for the session and will be muted except for when they would like to ask questions. 

If you are unable to attend on the day, the sessions will be recorded so you can watch them at an alternative date or time.  

These sessions are for professionals only. Teams meeting details will be shared via email. Please only forward this information (not the Teams invite) and only to known colleagues who may wish to discuss housing issues for families with young children (not to clients themselves). Professionals can request an invitation from Nicola Doal at ndoal@lambeth.gov.uk 

Session number 



Date of session 


Sam Olara 

Homelessness – Private rented 

30th April 


Delisha Louis 

Homelessness – Young People 

7th May 


Lynette Paul 

Homelessness – Domestic Violence 

14th May 


Alexis Thomas 

Temporary Accommodation - placements 

21st May 


Ode Ogwu 

Temporary Accommodation 

28th May 


Debbie Wilson 


4th June 


LEAP (Overcrowded Housing Service) and Lambeth Council (Lambeth Resident Service)

What is the LEAP Housing Training?

LEAP's Housing Training (CPD accredited) aims to provide practitioners with up-to-date information on housing issues in Lambeth.

By attending the training, we hope that practitioners will gain:

  • A better understanding of the application process for social housing in Lambeth.
  • A stronger understanding of the process for supporting families with no recourse to public funds.
  • Increased awareness of contacts and resources to seek more information around housing and homelessness.
  • Increased awareness of LEAP's Overcrowded Housing service and how to support families in overcrowded housing.

The 90-minute training covers the following topics:

  • No recourse to public funds.
  • Immigration issues.
  • Temporary accommodation.
  • Banding.
  • Out of borough.
  • Overcrowding.
  • Health and safety (e.g. damp/maintenance).
  • Social services and housing.
  • Pregnancy and housing.

Who is the training for?

This free training is aimed at practitioners who support pregnant mothers and families with young children.

Focus of the training

This training will enable practitioners to give consistent messages and advice to local families regarding housing issues.

Problem being addressed

Living in overcrowded housing can affect the mental well-being and physical health of children and adults. By limiting the space to learn to walk, play and learn, living in overcrowding housing affects children’s development. 

Practically, overcrowded housing impacts on privacy, increases damp and mould and reduces storage space. Families find it difficult to sit down and have dinner together, or to find space to relax or do homework, for example. 

All of this can impact on the emotional wellbeing of both children and parents.

What is the offer to practitioners?

Free housing training (CPD accredited).

Wider LEAP services linked to this area

How do I take part?

This training is offered on arrangement only, if you would like us to deliver this training to your team please contact LEAP Early Childhood Workforce Officer Angharad Lewis on alewis@ncb.org.uk or at 07377 665460.

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