Housing Training

What is LEAP Housing Training?

LEAP’s Housing Training provides the local, early-years workforce with up-to-date information about housing issues in Lambeth. 

It helps you support the families you work with.

The 2-hour training presents an overview of Local Authority duties and improves practitioner knowledge on how the council supports families with a housing need.

The training can be delivered virtually or face to face. 

By attending the training, practitioners will gain:

  • Better knowledge of the main housing duties under The Housing Act 1996 Part 7 (as amended) – and the duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017
  • Awareness of the process for supporting families with No Recourse To Public Funds
  • Contacts and resources to seek more information around housing and homelessness

Who is the training for?

This free training is aimed at practitioners who support pregnant mothers and families with young children.

Focus of the training

This training will enable practitioners to give up-to-date and consistent messaging to local families on housing issues.

What is the offer to practitioners?

Free housing training (CPD accredited).

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How do I take part?

To find out more, contact Trisan Gordon, Housing and Early Years Workforce Development Coordinator.

Email: TGordon@lambeth.gov.uk 

Phone: 0207 926 4348 

Mobile: 07842 301274

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