Baby Steps

About Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a free educational programme for pregnant women and their partners/family.

It prepares all soon-to-be mums and dads for becoming a parent, even if you already have children.

Baby Steps is part of normal midwifery care for people living in the LEAP area.

Baby Steps

How will Baby Steps support you?

Baby Steps supports pregnant women and their partners/family with: 

  • having a baby
  • becoming a parent
  • giving their baby the best possible start

You learn how to care for a new baby and reduce the stress that often occurs.

Baby Steps usually takes place in small, relaxed group settings like local children's centres

Parents have the chance to meet other local parents and become more aware of local services. The team can explain plans for Baby Steps classes and any access requirements.

Katie joined the sessions. Let her tell you how it went.

What happens when you attend Baby Steps?

Baby Steps is broken down into 9 sessions, each one looking at a different aspect of parenting and baby development. It's a relaxed and informal setting. See below for a description of each session.

Introductory home visit/virtual appointment

Session 1

How our babies develop

Introduction to the programme and a chat about what our babies might be like.

Session 2

Health and wellbeing

Looking at our health and how it affects our babies.

Session 3

Becoming a parent

The challenges of parenthood.

Session 4

Giving birth

The process of labour and birth.

Session 5

Caring for a baby

Looking at ways to care for and feed babies.

Session 6

Meeting our babies

Getting to know our babies and forming early relationships.

Home visit/virtual appointment

Find out how it’s all going with your new baby.

Session 7

Welcoming our babies

Bring your babies to the group and getting to know them.

Session 8

Bonding with our babies 

And things we can do in the local area

Session 9

Our family's future (the end of the programme)

Hopes and wishes for the future.

Baby Steps

What are the benefits of attending Baby Steps?

By attending Baby Steps parents gain confidence in becoming parents whilst also meeting other parents in a relaxed group atmosphere.

How to get involved

All eligible women are contacted by the Baby Steps team if they are known to the midwifery services at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital or King's College Hospital. They are always happy to hear from women and to answer any questions.

If you have not been offered Baby Steps you can phone or email the team, who will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sheila O’Connor - LEAP Midwife

Phone: 07500 880 763


How to get involved

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