Lambeth parenting groups

Find out about free parenting groups in Lambeth where you can meet other parents and learn useful strategies.

Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) and Lambeth Council are offering parenting groups to support local families and bring them together.

These include:

  1. Baby and Us (parents/carers of babies under 9 months)
  2. Circle of Security Parenting (parents/carers of children aged 4 months to 5 years)
  3. Being a Parent (parents/carers of children aged 2–11)

Each group runs for a couple of hours a week, for 8-9 weeks. 

You can tell us you're interested in a specific group when you fill in the form, but you don't have to. Our small and friendly team will help match you to the right group after you've registered. It might be face-to-face or online. You can even get one-to-one support if that’s what you need.

Visit Lambeth's Parenting Support Service to register.

What are the benefits?

Our parenting groups are run in partnership with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. This means you'll be getting the very latest and best advice on parenting techniques.

Think of it as an opportunity to...

  • Get reassurance and advice about things that have been on your mind.
  • Meet other parents and make new friends.
  • Grow your parenting skills.
  • Explore your unique experiences of parenting within your family, neighbourhood and culture.

Register with Lambeth's Parenting Support Service for all these benefits and more.

More information about each group

Find more information about the parenting groups on LEAP's website:

  1. Baby and Us
  2. Circle of Security Parenting
  3. Being a Parent

If you have a baby aged 3–8 months, you may also be interested in PAIRS Together Time. Visit our Parent And Infant Relationship Service for details on how to sign up.

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