Doorstep Library

A community-focused charity bringing the gift of books and the joy of reading into children's homes across London.

LEAP is very proud to have run a service for families and their little ones in partnership with Doorstep Library.

Our partnership has now run its course. But we've left a legacy that will support young children's literacy in an area of Lambeth with a higher level of need. And Doorstep Library is continuing to offer its amazing services throughout Lambeth and London. See below on how to register or refer.

Watch its award-winning video about how it's supporting children's literacy.

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How does Doorstep Library work?

Doorstep Library's trained volunteers introduce young children (aged 0-11 years) to the pleasure and benefits of reading. This unique home-based service makes reading fun, accessible and convenient for families.

Working in pairs, volunteers visit families in Tulse Hill, Loughborough and St Martins once a week during term-time. They read stories with the children on the doorstep or in the home. Before the volunteers leave, they let the children choose books they might like to keep for the week, bringing new ones to swap on the next visit.

The volunteers encourage parents to get involved in the sessions when it’s convenient and to continue reading with children after they’ve gone.

Doorstep Library volunteers also deliver online sessions in other areas of Lambeth and London, to families who are most in need.

The sessions provide a fun experience, fostering a love of books and reading for the whole family.

What are the benefits of attending Doorstep Library?

  • Very young children appreciate the routine provided by story time. It helps prepare them for nursery.

  • Sharing books and stories develops children’s language and communication skills, and improves their concentration and attention span.

  • It helps children and parents bond as they continue to read together, which aids health and wellbeing.

  • The sessions instil a love of reading from a young age and prepare children for independent reading.

  • Children from families whose mother-tongue is not English overcome their language barriers more quickly and then catch up at school.

  • Children and parents begin to consider books and reading for pleasure as an integral part of home life.

How to get involved or refer a family who wants support

Home visits are available in Tulse Hill, Loughborough and St Martins. Please email Judah Urch-Grear:

Online reading is available in all areas of Lambeth and London. Please email Anna Bonato: 

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