Fun activities for Early Years children

Making home learning fun. Our Early Years experts share their favourite activities for children under 4.

Play, create and explore with your child using everyday stuff lying around the house.

Your little one's brain is developing rapidly. They need activities that help them with numbers, words and creative thinking – as well as physical and emotional development.

For each activity, our experts tell you exactly what your child is learning.

Arts and crafts, board games, role play, treasure hunts, baking and much more.

Fun activities for Early Years

Black History Month activities at home

Fun activities connected to Black History Month heroes.

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Relax and enjoy outdoors

Take a blanket outside, eat, play and read stories.

Play teddy bears' picnic btn-plain-arrow

Minibeast hotel

Make a minibeast hotel and a butterfly feeding station.

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Water play

Painting, spraying and other water activities.

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Scavenger hunts

Brilliant indoors – and lots of fun outdoors.

Try our nature hunt btn-plain-arrow

Junk modelling

"We found what we could from our recycling. We even used wax from mini cheeses to...

Learn how to do junk modelling btn-plain-arrow

Role play

Children learn a lot from role play. Playing let's pretend can boost their confidence...

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Your child's interests

Use objects that your baby or toddler shows an interest in.

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Making games

Board games help your early years child learn important social skills like sharing...

Make a simple board game btn-plain-arrow

Exercises for kids

Have fun, feel good and get fit with your children.

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Cleaning games for kids

Make the housework a little bit easier by involving your little ones with these fun...

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Have fun with your baby

Activities that help your baby develop listening and attention skills.

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5 mins and no screens

Ways for young children to play, discover and have fun without staring at a screen....

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Important routines

Children benefit from the security of knowing what they need to do and when.

Today's to-do list btn-plain-arrow

Top 5 tips for storytime

Make storytime fun and effortless with these amazing tips from our partner, Doorstep Library.

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