Making it REAL – Raising Early Achievement in Literacy

Making it REAL will start again in the new academic year. You'll have training opportunities and the chance to work on projects with families.

We'll be delivering virtual, interactive training sessions – but with all the benefits of face-to-face and collaborative training. 

You'll receive accompanying packs for designing literacy activities for children and parents. 

Normally, you'd be carrying out home visits. But, if home visits aren't possible, we'll share options for contacting parents to support their children’s literacy.

The next Making it REAL training will be in September 2021:
Thursday 23 September 9.30-4
Tuesday 28 September 9.30-4

For more details, or to sign up, please contact Carmen Martinez

  • 07949077406

What is Making it REAL training?

Making it REAL is a service that helps parents support their children’s literacy, early communication and language – in the home and in their local neighbourhood.

Making it REAL draws evidence from the original REAL project delivered by professors Cathy Nutbrown and Peter Hannon at the University of Sheffield.

REAL uses a framework called ‘ORIM’ (Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Model). It's based on the idea that there are four main ways in which parents can help their children’s literacy development.

Settings taking part in the service decide which families would most benefit from being involved in it.

Who is the training for?

Practitioners working with Early Years families in the LEAP wards.

Focus of the training

The main purpose of Making it REAL is to look at activities parents can do to support their child's literacy at home – including learning about the four strands of literacy:

  • books
  • early writing
  • environmental print (signs, logos, shops etc)
  • and oral language.
Focus of the training

What is the offer to practitioners?

A practical support package for instances where there is a concern with a child's speech or they have limited interest in early literacy activities (i.e. looking at books, singing rhymes, early mark making) and parents are unsure on how they can support their children.

Making it REAL training also introduces the principle of 'ORIM' which is the idea that there are four main ways in which parents can help their children's literacy development through:

  • providing opportunities for literacy,
  • recognising children's achievements,
  • interacting and
  • modelling literacy use.

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