Sharing REAL with Parents

Learn how to support your child's early speaking, reading and writing skills

What is it?

Sharing REAL with Parents is training for all parents and carers. We'll give you the very best advice on how to support your child's early speaking, reading and writing skills.  Everyone is welcome.

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What is the purpose?

Sharing REAL aims to build parent’s confidence in how they can boost their child's early speaking, reading and writing skills within the home.  It supports you, as your child's first educator, to help your child’s learning in fun, interesting and low-cost ways.

How does it work?

Through discussions and practical activities, parents will gain ideas on how to support young children with books, early writing, songs and rhymes and how to make use of all the print around them in their home, in the street, and in the shops.

Children's centre staff will run a creche during each session, so you can join the group knowing that your child is being cared for by qualified practitioners.  

What happens in a session?

The training comprises four two-hour sessions.

The sessions are fun and interactive, giving plenty of time for talking and sharing ideas around the four strands of literacy: books; early writing; environmental print (signs, logos, shops etc); and oral language.

Parents will also be introduced to the principle of 'ORIM' which is the idea that there are four main ways in which they can help their children’s literacy development through:

  • Opportunities for literacy
  • Recognising children’s achievements
  • Interacting
  • Modelling literacy use.

What are the outcomes?

Through attending the sessions parents will have two major outcomes.

  1. Enhance their knowledge and understanding of how they can engage children in early literacy activities.
  2. Examples of what to look for in children's development across the four strands of literacy.

Sharing REAL video

How can I get involved?

This is a universal service and all LEAP parents are welcome to attend at any of the venues where it takes place. 

To book: What's On at LEAP

Get in touch with Catherine for further information: or to book: 

Call: 07432 739939


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