Quick referral guide for Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP)

For anyone who supports expectant parents or families with children age 0-3 in LEAP areas of Lambeth.

1. Does the familiy live in the LEAP area?

Quickly find out if the family is eligible for LEAP services. Enter their postcode below.

Check their postcode

A quick way to find out if they live in the LEAP area.

2. Choose from our services

In the poster below, you will see 4 different pathways. They are grouped by age and need.

Example: Does a family need support with their 3-year-old's literacy? 

  • Check the blue pathway (Communication, language and literacy support). 
  • Locate the Raising Early Achievement in Literacy course. 
  • Use the contact information to make a referral.

Download the poster to zoom in on the details.

How to refer families

3. More opportunities for families

LEAP runs weekly drop-in sessions and events for families with early years children.

They are opportunities to connect families with the wider community, and to identify referral needs further down the line. 

4. Training for practitioners

Free professional development opportunities for local people working with early years children and their families. 

Our training covers a wide range of professional support, including:

  • Outdoor learning
  • Parent-infant relationships
  • Literacy
  • Speech and language
  • Oral health

The LEAP Caseload Midwifery Service

Listen to mums who have been referred to LEAP's midwifery care team. Play the video below.

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