Oral Health Support Service

Oral Health service working with local dentists, childcare settings and health visiting teams.

About Oral Health

Oral Health works with different organisations to provide information to parents and families on how to look after little teeth.

How will Oral Health support you?

Having healthy teeth is an important part of general wellbeing. When children have poor oral health, it can affect their ability to sleep, eat, speak and play.  Poor oral health can also mean that children may have to take time off nursery or school because they are in pain or in need of dental treatment. 

Tooth decay is the most common disease affecting children.  By five years old, nearly a quarter of children have tooth decay, with an average of three teeth affected. Tooth decay is also the most common reason for hospital admission for children aged five to nine years old. 

The Oral Health service aims to provide advice and information to parents and carers on tooth brushing tips, appropriate toothpaste (such as fluoride content), how to find a dentist, and healthier options of snacks and drinks.

How does Oral Health work?

Oral healthOral Health works by supporting childcare settings to provide supervised tooth brushing where children brush their teeth once a day. If your child is in a childcare setting within the LEAP area, you may receive a consent form to take part. Oral Health is also working with local dentists across Lambeth to promote the dental check by one campaign. 

Toothbrushing packs containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and a free-flowing cup are also provided to families at the 1-year health review by health visitors at Akerman and Mawbey Brough Health Centre.

What are the benefits of attending Oral Health?

The overall aim is healthier teeth for LEAP children and families.

LEAP also hopes to improve access to family-friendly dentists for young children and encourage fluoride varnish application (a naturally occurring mineral that is proven to prevent tooth decay).

How to take part

It is not possible to self-refer into this service. However, further information about the service is available from our Oral Health Promotion Practitioner.

Claire Benzies - Oral Health Promoter Practitioner

Phone: 07746 979503

Oral Health Support Service

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