CoCreate initiatives awarded Turquoise funding in 2022-2023

Unity Matters

Bringing Lambeth dads together to take part in activities that support a good learning environment at home. Creating stronger connections between children and their dads, improving their lifelong-learning prospects. 

The initiative will include weekly ‘Stay and Play’ sessions for dads and little ones, a forum to amplify dads' voices, and a 6-week programme called 'Family Transitions' to encourage cooperative relationships between single dads and co-parents.

There will be one-off sessions in other parts of the community such as libraries, community hubs and children's centres raising awareness of the group and sharing ideas.


Unity Matters

Sunshine International Arts

Creative workshops providing support to families with toddlers and their siblings. Culminating in a communal carnival parade. 

A focus on culture and folklore with storytelling, arts and craft, music makers and movement. Families will also receive a healthy lunch.

Sunshine International Arts will be working with long-standing community partners to run uplifiting, educational activities. Fostering an understanding of heritage and diversity, support for families and playful stimulation for early-years children.

Sunshine International Arts

East Africa Association

Supporting marginalised mothers from the Somali community. Improving their physical fitness and mental wellbeing through sports and fitness activities delivered by qualified coaches.

The sessions will be in two parts. We provide a creche during the first part, then there will be mum-and-toddler physical time to increase parental bonds and relieve stress.

Mums will also have access to the community hub where caseworkers are available to provide advice on issues such as housing, benefits, employment and training pathways, and access to healthcare. 


Developing the ‘Choose what we do club’ (piloted with Amber CoCreate funding in 2021-2022). Funded in partnership with Lambeth ELEVATE Neighbourhood SEND project.

The club is for pre-school children with SEND, and undiagnosed children displaying early signs of additional needs, and their family members. Anyone with neurotypical children can support the group by volunteering or offering a skills share.

Families will also take part in our ELEVATE Research project exploring the creativity and wellbeing of pre-schoolers with additional needs. Children, parents, and professionals will produce the research together. We will make a giant patchwork celebrating our journey, a short film and a written research report.


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