LEAP Health Team

What is the LEAP Health Team?

The LEAP health team consists of a midwife from each of the local hospitals, a Lambeth health visitor, and a Lambeth GP, led by LEAP’s public health specialist.

The team do not see families directly but instead work with local organisations to improve communication pathways between midwives, health visitors, GPs and other services to enhance joined-up working amongst the primary health care team surrounding pregnant women and families with children aged 0-3.

The team have set up inter-disciplinary training to share skills and are working with Lambeth on developing trauma-informed services.

The LEAP health team is focusing on two main projects at present: GP Connect and the Maternity Vulnerability Assessment Tool (MatVAT).

MatVat and GP Connect

MatVAT (Maternity Vulnerability Assessment Tool)

The MatVAT is a 4-level vulnerability assessment tool developed by the health team in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders for use by midwives to aid their work of identifying pregnant women with social vulnerabilities.

The tool is being piloted and evaluated locally and, if adopted, would provide midwifery with an equivalent vulnerability assessment tool as those that both GPs and Health Visitors already use.

GP Connect

Using information contained within a child’s GP records, GP Connect aims to proactively identify children at risk of poor outcomes.

GPs and health visitors will hold regular meetings to discuss identified children and agree an appropriate course of action so early help can be offered, if needed.

How to take part

The LEAP Health Team is not looking for involvement from wider partners currently.


LEAP GP: Rachael Kilner 
LEAP Midwife at King's: Octavia Wiseman
LEAP Midwife at St Thomas': Claire Spencer
LEAP Public Health Specialist: Carla Stanke

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