Parent Champion Befrienders: how to refer a mum/carer

Parent Champion Befrienders is a scheme created by local mothers. They connect mums/carers with activities and services in Lambeth.

About Parent Champion Befrienders

Parent Champion Befrienders are trained volunteers with a DBS check who can give local mums/carers a little extra support.

They meet mums or carers once a week or fortnightly to help them attend local activities. 

Someone might need help because: 

  • They don’t know what is available for them and their child 
  • They don’t know the local area 
  • English is not their first language and they want to meet another mum who speaks their language 
  • They can find large groups of people difficult 
  • They are feeling overwhelmed

At first they might talk over the phone, then meet at a place where they feel comfortable. 

When they’re ready, they’ll go to a local activity such as a stay and play session or community event.

Who can you refer to this service?

Mums or carers with a child aged 0–18 months who live in the LEAP area.

You can check if a family lives in the LEAP area by using our postcode checker.

How do I refer someone?

If you know someone who would benefit from a Parent Champion Befriender, fill out the referral form together and send it to 

We'll try to find a Parent Champion Befriender who best suits the parent. For example, who speaks a specific language, has children a similar age, or shares interests or experiences. We’ll try and do this within 3 weeks and get back to the family.  

A befriending relationship usually lasts between 3–6 months. It will end when the family feels comfortable attending the early years activities jointly identified as beneficial.

Need more information?

Please contact Kimberlin Dunkley, Parent Champion Coordinator: or 07949 073437

Being paired with a LEAP befriender​

"I felt like I could trust my befriender, and I was able to open up to her. 

"Having a reason to come out, not just about baby things, but meeting up with another adult, and integrating the children at the same time opened doors."

Michelle, local Mum.

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