Pregnancy Information for Nutrition and Exercise (PINE)

In light of the current COVID-19 Government recommendations, as of Wednesday 18 March the PINE workshops have been suspended. We will update as soon as the programme recommences. If you would like more information please contact Patricia Dawkins, Maternity Pathway Coordinator on 07775412675 or email

How will PINE support you?

The aim of PINE is to:

  • Support you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy by providing information on how to eat healthily and keep active during pregnancy.
  • Explain your growing baby’s nutritional needs.

PINE will also address some common myths and misconceptions about eating and exercise during pregnancy.

How does PINE work?

PINE takes place in your local hospital or children’s centre. It is offered to all pregnant women living in Lambeth with a healthy body weight. 

The workshop will last two hours and be held at different times, including weekdays, evenings and weekends. 

Please feel free to bring your birth partner/companion/friend with you to the workshop (just let the organisers know in advance). Children are also welcome, but they will be under your care and supervision throughout the session. A crèche is not provided.

Contact information

The aims of the workshop are to explore: 

  • Why does eating well in pregnancy matter?
  • Introduction to the Eatwell Plate.
  • Myths and misconceptions.
  • Portion sizes.
  • Sugar and fats.
  • Food labelling.
  • Information on recommended physical activity in pregnancy.
What happens when you attend PINE?

What are the benefits of attending PINE?

The workshop is an ideal opportunity to become aware of the latest advice on nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and learn how to best look after yourself and your growing baby.

Contact information

If you have any further questions or want to secure your place on the workshop, please email or phone. 

Patricia Dawkins - Maternity Pathway coordinator                                       

Mobile: 07775 412 675

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