Family Nutrition

Providing nutritional support for families living in LEAP wards.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. So we're offering workshops as well as one-to-one support, including:

• Fussy Eating

• Starting Solids

• Eating Well For Less

• Portion Sizes

Contact us about a workshop or one-to-one support:

Ivana Sandoval, Family Nutrition Lead: 07923 217516 

Lau Prieto, Family Nutrition Facilitator: 07923 217511 

You can also email

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About the service

HENRY is working in partnership with LEAP to provide practical nutrition support in the community to meet the needs of families living in LEAP wards. Our service is tailored to each family’s needs and circumstances.

We provide flexible support and guidance to enable you as a family to become healthier. Support involves interactive Healthy Families Workshops on different topics each week including Fussy Eating, Starting Solids, and Eating Well for Less. There are also 1-1 sessions with a registered nutritionist where you can discuss any aspect of family nutrition and we can help you work out what’s best for your family.

What is the purpose of Family Nutrition?

The primary objective of the service is to provide healthy lifestyle support to LEAP families with children 0-3 in order to provide babies and children the best start in life. This is to enable parents build confidence and secure the support they need for their families.

Family Nutrition service provides support and guidance to parents so they and their children can eat more healthily feeling supported, motivated and equipped with the skills and strategies to make changes and achieve their goals.

How does it work?

LEAP families are offered enhanced and interactive healthy family’s workshops and 1-1 sessions. They can bring their children along to the session, unless it is the Fussy Eating workshop – we suggest this is for parents only. 

We encourage parents to attend and also meet other parents and avoid isolation. Any LEAP family with child/children aged 0-3 is able to attend.

How does it work?

What Happens In The Sessions?

Family Nutrition service offer a free tailored, flexible and personalised service to help families on their family nutrition journey. We support families by respecting, creating a supportive and safer environment and non-judgemental listening where parents feel valued and supported.

We have varied topics for the workshops including ‘Fussy Eating’, ‘Eating Well for Less’, ‘Starting Solids’ and ‘Portion Sizes’. There are also group based activities where parents can interact with other parents and share experiences. 

What Are The Outcomes?

As a result of attending the session and 1-to-1 session, parents will gain confidence, knowledge about healthy eating and family nutrition and have any questions, queries or concerns answered.

97% of families who join a HENRY family programme are leading a healthier lifestyle by the end of the programme. 

How to get involved

Families in LEAP wards of Coldharbour, Vassal, Tulse hill and Stockwell are welcome to workshops and 1-1 sessions.

Email: or sign up here.

Ivana Sandoval (left in photo), Family Nutrition Lead: 0792 3217 516

Lau Prieto (right in photo), Family Nutrition Facilitator: 0792 3217 511

How to get involved

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