Winter With Us

Speak to a local parent about what’s available for your family this winter.

Did you receive our #WinterWithUs flyer through your letter box? 

We have a confession. The phone number was missing a digit. We're very sorry. 

Please call 07947 709 770 to speak to a friendly local parent.

As well as having a nice chat, you'll get to hear how LEAP can support you and your family through winter. Call 07947 709 770 to speak to us. We'll arrange for one of our Parent Champions to call you back. They're local parents who know about all the services and support your family is entitled to. 

See what's on this week.

We asked families how they get through winter

Learn and play

Our experts share their favourite activities for your little ones.

Join them for storytime, crafts, cooking and more.

Find out about all our free activities – including Chattertime and Doorstep Library.

Learn and play

Build stronger bonds with your child

It's common for parents to feel overwhelmed.

There is help though, even during the pandemic. 

Virtual parenting classes support you to pick up on your child's cues and build stronger bonds.

Build stronger bonds with your child

Get help with jobs, money and other stresses

Stress affects you and your little ones.

Get support and advice on employment, childcare and money worries – including available discounts on your household bills.

Get help with jobs, money and other stresses

Eat well and exercise

In this section, learn about:

  • Food banks and Healthy Start vouchers
  • Delicious and affordable recipes
  • Breastfeeding, nutrition and exercise groups

New baby? We can support you with food deliveries + healthy recipes, free fruit and veg.

Eat well and exercise

Coronavirus support: how to get help

If you or someone you know has been affected by coronavirus, help is available. 

Visit Lambeth's website for coronavirus support. Or contact the MyCommunity service by AgeUK Lambeth. It offers social support and advice. Call 0333 360 3700, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Coronavirus support: how to get help

Protect yourself from flu

The flu season has come at the same time as coronavirus cases are increasing.

Protect your family and help reduce the pressure on the NHS.

Free for pregnant women and all children up to school Year 7.

Children get a nasal-spray instead of a jab.

Other people are entitled to free protection too. Check now, if you can get a free jab.

Flu vaccines give the best protection against flu. The flu vaccine cannot give you the flu.

Protect yourself from flu

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