Parent Reps at the LEAP Partnership Board Meeting

We recently (23 November) had a fantastic LEAP Partnership Board Meeting which featured some amazing speakers. Among them were our new Parent Reps who each took turns to talk about themselves, LEAP and their experiences as a parent or a carer in our four wards of Vassall, Coldharbour, Tulse Hill and Stockwell.

We took the opportunity to make a short film around their speeches, so we could share their talks and let people hear about the incredible work they do for their community.

The LEAP Parent Reps and the wards they represent are:

  • Nadisha Henry Senior PR for LEAP Programme
  • Diana Magura Tulse Hill
  • Jamilla Dwyer Tulse Hill
  • Mariam Ibrahim Tulse Hill
  • Sylvie Nkou Tulse Hill
  • Michelle Kidd Coldharbour
  • Rosemarie Cordwell Coldharbour
  • Diana Bankole Vassall
  • Sofia Whyte Vassall
  • Joanna Niedzielska Stockwell

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