"I found out about Baby Steps through LEAP and attended the course. It involved six sessions pre-baby and then further sessions once the babies had been born."

"The pre-baby sessions were practical and had lots of very useful information in helping us to prepare for our babies. Although there is a lot to take in, for me the practical sessions were best as we could put the information to use, such as changing nappies and burping babies. The meetings are really friendly and welcoming and a great place to voice concerns or ask questions where expert midwives can help.

The course gave me confidence when my new-born arrived on practical matters such as breastfeeding, singing to baby and general coping. Nothing can prepare you entirely, but Baby Steps allowed for me and my husband to gain a lot more knowledge of what it would be like being new parents. You can never have too much support as a new parent and what has been great is that you can access the advice that you want to – I especially needed extra support with breastfeeding. I have learned so much and been surrounded by people who are also experiencing parenthood for the first time has been really helpful. As a new mum there is so much you worry about – Baby Steps gave the foundation to help me cope a bit better and feel better equipped to tackle parenthood.

The service was really easy to get to and I liked the idea of meeting new people. If I hadn’t attended Baby Steps then I wouldn’t know other mums in the area that are experiencing the same joys and difficulties as me. I liked the idea of a support network but the level of support has far exceeded expectations.

My overall experience has been amazing and I am so pleased that I attended the group. It was amazing to come back after our babies had been born and see everyone. Listening to the different birth stories was really interesting.

I have truly made friends for life with some of the other mums and the support and guidance from Emilie and Mojisola has been incredible. Baby Steps has introduced me to so many activities/events and groups that I would never have known about."

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