LEAP Community Researchers

Speaking to parents about LEAP services and how we can improve them

It takes a village to raise a child – or a community when you live in the city.

LEAP has been bringing community groups together to provide joined-up services for families and their young children. 

We want better outcomes for early years children, which means eliminating gaps in support and care. But we can’t achieve this without listening to the people we’re trying to help. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dartington Service Design Lab (DSDL) to recruit four local parents.

Meet our team of Community Researchers

These parents are our new Community Researchers. You might see them in children’s centres, parks and other local settings. They will be finding out what parents think about LEAP services and how we can improve them.

Risikatu Oriloye

Risikatu has three children. 

She lives in Lambeth and recently trained as a LEAP Parent Champion

She is a graduate of Kingston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. 

Risikatu is curious about people and has a passion for supporting them.

Risikatu Oriloye

Natoya Whyte

Natoya Whyte is a mother of five children. She was born and raised in the Caribbean where community is a big thing.

She has lived in Lambeth for 20 years. In her previous role with Home Start Lambeth, she developed a strong interest in improving the wellbeing of children and families. It also inspired her to seek a profession in building better communities.

She recently graduated from the University of East London where she studied Social and Community Work. As a community researcher, she's looking forward to giving something back to her community.

Natoya Whyte

Ela Skowron

Ela has a six-year-old son. 

She has lived in Lambeth for 20 years. 

Her professional background is in early years education. 

She is passionate about social justice as well as building and supporting her local communities.

Ela Skowron


Anita began her career as a Research Fellow in healthcare. 

She then trained as a Mental Health Practitioner and has worked in the NHS and the voluntary and community sector. 

She's been a Brixton resident for many years and loves her community. 

Since becoming a mother, she’s volunteered locally for the Breastfeeding Network. 

As a Community Researcher, she’s able to continue having a positive impact on the issues closest to her heart: local communities and social empowerment. 


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