"Sometimes as a mum you feel a bit lost and you need someone to help. LEAP is great, as it helps mums and kids to improve the quality of their lives.”

“I used to go to a children’s centre based in Stockwell, and one of the ladies there told me about a LEAP roadshow. We went with the kids and we met a lot of amazing people, including Claire, who helped us with Sophia’s teeth.

Sophia had an issue with her front teeth, and I wasn’t sure how to help her. We met different dentists, and all of them told me that Sophia had decay and nothing could be done. When I met Claire she understood my feelings, and as soon as she saw my daughter she realised that the issue was not decay, but poor enamel.

When our original dentist told me that Sophia had decay, I felt guilty. I never gave her sugar, brushed twice a day, but she still had decay. The LEAP team were able to tell me the real problem and I felt relieved. I had been doing things right and was able to help my child in the right way.

After our first visit with Dr Banjo, our new dentist (booked through LEAP), it was confirmed that Sophia does have poor enamel. The dentist gave us explanations and advice, and booked us for a follow up.

I am really happy with the service."

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