The LEAP training really encouraged my communication with my son... and it has helped build my confidence.

Name: Ruby Pope
Ward: Tulse Hill

"I found out about Sharing REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) and other training opportunities through my child’s nursery, Holmewood Nursery. 

"I felt it would help me with my parenting skills and give me ideas about what I could do with my child at home with early literacy."

The four strands of literacy

"Each session was spent looking at the four strands of literacy – which are oral language, environmental print, early mark making and books.

"I talked and connected with other parents and we shared our experiences and ideas. I took part in practical activities that were easy to put into place at home every day.

"We were encouraged to try activities we had learned on the course at home – including literacy we already do, that I had not realised would help my child with his reading and writing. 

"I drew a map from home to nursery, looking at how to use the fours strands of literacy when walking with my child, e.g. environmental print (looking at the road names, bus numbers etc).

"I also did the same activity looking at different rooms in my house. Sharing together his favourite book, which is Max the Brave, and encouraging him to look at the pictures and tell the story.

"In the book it encourages the use of numbers. So I used the mark making technique, by making bubbles in the bath and with the steam in the mirrors. Also, we look at junk mail, such as take-away menus – and how talking about them helps promote literacy."

REAL training helped me become a confident parent

"The REAL training really encouraged my communication with my son – his everyday learning –  and it has helped build my confidence.

"It was good how it was set out. The homework side of it was most challenging, but it helped me learn about each strand of REAL. It was amazing how all the strands can help with literacy. I thought reading and writing wasn’t needed until school.

"To learn you can start doing things at an early stage – and it will help your child be more confident before going to big school – was so helpful.

"I am so glad I did the course. This and other courses have helped me to become a confident parent.”

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