Mariam's volunteering poem

Read Mariam's beautiful poem about volunteering with LEAP. We have lots of volunteering roles at LEAP. If this poem inspires you to volunteer, contact for more information.

Volunteering, can feel like mountaineering move on up and see beyond the clearing.

You are held tight and don’t look Down reach on up and up look Beyond the clouds.

Volunteering this is where we get our greatest learning and we feel the yearning, we have reached a mile and we can do it with a smile.

Volunteering gives life a new meaning it creates a feeling…you know what I’m saying.

Volunteering gives you drive and a steering there’s no other way to put this, I am much better because of this. 

In LEAPS & bounds I have gained new ground for that I can be proud so many things you get to do so many doors can be open to you.

Meeting, connecting, communicating, making, creating, fulfilling, developing, that’s just a few of the things open to you.

If you are interested in helping and supporting others with different activities to discover, then volunteering is for you it will be like having all your dreams come true.

So don’t waste time it would really be divine you will have a wonderful time do something for your community let’s create great unity and be an upstanding member of society.

So let’s get out there one and all and answer...the VOLUNTEERING CALL

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