Employment skills test

Check your score after you complete the test

Read the guidance below about how to increase your skills and confidence.

Confidence (questions 1-5)

Build your confidence by volunteering or attending Lambeth's Confidence for Work course. Practise doing job interviews or volunteer.

Communication (questions 6-11)

Are you learning English? Lambeth can help you. See what help is available. Volunteering and joing groups will also help you improve your communication skills.

Administration and Organisation (questions 12-17)

Make lists and use a calendar on your smartphone. Break work down into small tasks. Trello is a useful tool for listing tasks. Create 3 columns: one for your tasks, another for tasks you are doing and a third one for completed tasks.

Information Technology (questions 18-22)

Do an IT course - check the Lambeth website. Improve your online skills with The Good Things Foundation.

Being Proactive (questions 23-27)

Consider volunteering. Using your free time to improve your skills and help others is a great way to impress an employer. If you volunteer for LEAP, you can bring your children with you.

Reliability and punctuality (questions 28-32)

Set an alarm so that you leave 15 minutes early for your appointment. Prepare your clothing and lunch the night before. Running late or have to cancel? Contact people as soon as possible.

Teamwork (questions 33-37)

Join a group activity. See the council website for ideas. Be patient and respect what everyone brings to a group. Think about and discuss what has worked well and not so well in the team and examine the reasons why.

Thank you for taking this assessment. We hope you have found it both interesting and useful.

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