Job hunting and how to find work locally

Connect with local employers and vet your social media presence.

Your future employer is looking for someone who shows initiative. Someone who makes life easier for them.

A great way to show these qualities is to create your own employment opportunities.


  • Make a list of local employers.
  • Search their websites for clues about their successes and structure.
  • Pick out jobs that you could do.
  • Identify any gaps, e.g. could your skills improve what they do?

Avoid embarrassment

Employers do their research too. Would you be happy if they saw your Facebook page? 

  • Change your social media privacy settings to "friends only".
  • Make sure public photos/posts, like profile images, are approrpiate.
  • Search your name on Google to see publicly available photos/posts.
  • Think who could be watching before you post.
  • Check that your email address is appropriate and that it includes your name.


Use all the networks and contacts that are available to you.

Over 85% of jobs are filled through networking.

  • Speak to friends and family to see if they know local employers.
  • Register with local employment agencies (they are usually well connected).
  • Create a LinkedIn profile. It's like Facebook for job seekers. Watch a help video.
  • Connect on LinkedIn with local employers.
  • Search for jobs on LinkedIn too.

When contacting employers and pitching for work, complement their successes and ask questions.  

For example, "You've got a really desirable product. My social media skills will help you reach a bigger audience. Do you have a marketing vacancy?".

Job websites

  1. Opportunity Lambeth
    Lambeth Council's dedicated jobs website. It promotes work and training opportunities for local residents.
  2. Timewise
    Timewise specialises in flexible and part-time work opportunities. It also provides employment tips.
  3. Social media
    Connect with businesses and employers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They use these channels to advertise jobs.

Do you get universal credit?

You may have to register on sites like, Total, Indeed, Reed and CV library, to fulfil your Claimant Commitment.  

You'll get lots of texts and emails – but one on them could be that all-important opportunity.

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