How to prepare for a job interview

Make sure you're ready for that big interview.

1. Research the people on the interview panel (so you can relate to them better)

  • Check the website and look at their LinkedIn profiles. 
  • What have they achieved and where have they worked?

2. Prepare well

3. Write keywords in a note pad

  • List words that help you remember your examples and questions.

4. Use the STAR method

  • Situation: Our voluntary group ran 8 support sessions for parents. 
  • Task: I had to schedule the sessions and promote them. 
  • Action: I networked with local parents on relevant Facebook Groups.
  • Result: Over 20 parents attended our sessions.

5. Arrive early

  • For online interviews, check that your device works and download software beforehand.

6. Look professional

7. Choose a suitable room for online interviews

  • Choose a quiet, well-lit room with good Internet access.
  • Check the background for inappropriate items.

8. Think positively

  • Believe you have the skills to do the job (the employer is interviewing you because they believe you do)

9. Practise relaxation exercises

  • Do some breathing exercises like these recommended by the NHS.
  • Think of a place that makes you feel calm. Select the image as the screensaver on your phone. Look at it whenever you feel tense.

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