Water play

Water play can help your child develop a wide variety of skills while having fun outdoors.

Water play

Painting with water

Give your child a paintbrush or roller and a tub of water (not paint).

Let them paint things such as your front door, fence, or doorstep.

Don't worry about permanent marks - the water will evaporate quickly. Try this when you're decorating. It will keep little hands occupied and give them a sense of involvement.

Bubbly fun

Fill a large bucket or plastic bowl with water and soap bubbles. 

See if your children will use it to wash their toys.

Washing waterproof toys can provide hours of fun.

Spraying water

Fill a spray bottle or washing up liquid bottle with water. 

Let your children use the bottle to draw and make marks on the ground.

Use chalk to draw a fire on an outside wall or the ground. Then put it out with water from a spray bottle.

What is my child learning?

Communication and language development: Using langauage to widen contacts, and share feelings, experiences and thoughts.

Personal, social and emotional development: Developing relationships through shared experiences.

Physical development: Developing fine motor skills through handling small objects and tools.

What is my child learning?

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