Relax and enjoy outdoors

Relax and enjoy outdoors

Enjoy the outdoors as a fun activity with your early years children.

Pack food, cuddle up on a blanket outside and read a book with your children or tell a story.

You could also play teddy bears' picnic. Instructions below.

Safety: Please protect yourself and your children from the sun. Wear a hat and use sun cream.

How to make healthy ice lollies

  1. Blend fruit like banana and strawberries and pour into a plastic cup. You can also use a mix of water and juice.
  2. Add bits of real fruit or fresh mint too if you like (optional).
  3. Add a lolly stick and put in the freezer for 3 hours or overnight. 
How to make healthy ice lollies

How to play teddy bears' picnic

Children will love taking their favourite toys outside and playing pretend picnics with them. 

  1. Help them lay out a blanket for their toys.
  2. Give them some old, clean food containers so they can pretend to feed them.
  3. Use things like grass, leaves and mud as pretend food for their toys.
How to play teddy bears' picnic

What is my child learning?

Communication and language development: 

  • Playing pretend with natural objects e.g. ‘This lot of grass is my spaghetti’
  • Listening to the noises adults make when they read stories

Personal, social and emotional development

  • Exploring new things and environments, while checking in regularly with familiar adults

Physical development

  • Being active outside and using their bodies to move freely
What is my child learning?

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