Important routines in early childhood

Children benefit from the security of knowing what they need to do and when.

Important routines in early childhood

Learning through our routines

Routines keep us balanced. They take the stress out of decision making.

They're especially important during times of uncertainty – like during a pandemic.

These early years activities will make your child’s routines part of a fun, home-learning experience.


Get ready for meals – let children count or get the right number of plates and utensils ready.

Make mealtimes a social occasion – sit with your children and make conversation.  

Encourage independence – let children serve themselves when possible. 

Clear away plates – older children can help younger children bring their plate to the sink.

Model positive eating habits – get excited about healthy foods to help your children feel excited about them too.

Stick to a routine – try to have meals at the same time each day, so blood sugars stay even. Low blood sugar can equal grumpy children or adults.


Early years teeth brushing

Brush teeth twice a day – usually in the morning and before bed.

Sing a song – you need to brush young children's teeth, and singing can make the situation easier.

Brush for 2 minutes – there are lots of teeth brushing songs on YouTube that last 2 minutes. Why not try playing the YouTube video below? You could also use a 2-minute timer.

Early years teeth brushing

Brush and sing along

Bath/shower time for kids

Enjoy water play – children can practise pouring with different kitchen utensils, including sieves, plastic cups, bowls and recycled water bottles.

Enjoy bubble play – foam is lots of fun to blow, pop, feel and put on our faces. Look in a mirror at the bubbles on your head!

Read a book – read a story while your children soak to make it a relaxing experience for everyone before bedtime.

Bath/shower time for kids


Read a story – lots of children enjoy a bedtime story before going to sleep. It helps them relax. Try to make it part of your daily routine, even if you read at another time in the day. 

Re-tell a story or poem – some children may like you re-telling them a story or nursery rhyme before sleep. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is usually a favourite for little ones. 

Snuggle up – snuggling up together and having a chat is a nice way to end the day before sleeping.


Exercises for kids

Make exercising part of your daily routine.

Moving around is great for your child’s health. Whether it’s a walk or doing exercises on the spot – it all helps.

Play while walk activity2

Cosmic kids’ routines are fun daily exercises. There are lots of different themes to inspire every child's imagination.

Our easy exercises for young children are also fun.

What is my child learning?

Physical development: Beginning to be independent with their own self-care routines.

Communication and language development: Listening to and enjoying patterns in rhythms and stories. Learning new words through repetitive experiences.

Personal, social and emotional development: Developing independence by wanting to do things themselves.

What is my child learning?

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