Editor of the UK's first black girls' magazine

Serlina Boyd created Cocoa Girl to instill confidence in black girls.

Imagine, as a child, not being able to find anyone who looks like you in the glossy magazines. No role models.

This is exactly how 6-year-old Faith felt at the start of lockdown. Her mum, Serlina Boyd, decided it was time to change the narrative.

Together with Faith she designed and published the UK's first black girls' magazine, Cocoa Girl. Cocoa Boy quickly followed. Black children now have a magazine that represents them and helps them feel good about themselves.

At one point (in the aftermath of the senseless killing of George Floyd) Cocoa Girl was selling a thousand copies a day.

Editor of the UK's first black girls' magazine

1. What inspired you to create Cocoa Girl magazine?

"My daughter. This journey she has gone on to love her hair, skin tone, and everything, is the most amazing thing that has happened."

Watch the full BBC interview with Serlina and Faith.

2. What were the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

"Getting into the big stores."

3. Tell us about your proudest moment

"Seeing the way children are reacting to the magazine and the lives it is changing."

4. What do you like most about your job?

"Writing about inspirational children."

5. How can we give black children a better start in life?

"We can give black children a better life by changing the narrative. Expose them to success and they will mirror that."

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