Scavenger hunts activity

Scavenger hunts help your Early Years child develop their listening and understanding skills. This activity is fun for all ages.

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are part of our fun activities for Early Years

You can do them indoors and outdoors, and the whole family can join in.

Give children a list of things to find and bring back to you.

Give tiny tots something to put their items in, like a bucket.

Time older children to see how quickly they can find all the items.

Household items for children to find

  1. Something to brush my hair
  2. Something I wear on my head
  3. Something blue
  4. Something cuddly
  5. Something I can read
  6. Something shiny

Top Tip: theme your scavenger hunts

(Texture) Find me something, squashy, hard, smooth, rough 

(Number) Find me 4 books, 2 pairs of socks, 3 toys 

(Clothes) Find me something to wear on my head, feet, hands 

(Colours of the rainbow) Find something, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

Outdoor scavenger hunt for children

Do an outdoor scavenger hunt on your daily walk together.

Collect things in a bucket or bag. Or just spot things in the environment.

Outdoor scavenger hunt

Natural Thinkers nature hunt

Find these things...

Scavenger hunts
Scavenger hunts
Scavenger hunts

What is my child learning?

  • Personal, social and emotional development: enjoying playing games, developing interest in new activities. 
  • Communication and language: learning new words, developing listening skills and understanding, following instructions.
  • Maths: developing counting skills.
What is my child learning?

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