Junk modelling activity for young children

Junk modelling teaches your Early Years child about 3D shapes and feeds their imagination.

Junk modelling

Junk modelling is one of our fun activities for Early Years.

Start by collecting some junk

Our suggested junk: 

  • cardboard boxes – perhaps from deliveries
  • empty food packets such as cereal boxes
  • cardboard toilet roll tubes
  • egg boxes
  • milk bottle lids

Anything can be made into a something else. Let your child explore and create whatever they want.

Top Tip: use masking tape 

It's great for sticking things together. Children can easily tear pieces off so they don’t need to cut it.

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What is my child learning?

  • Personal, social and emotional development:
    showing interest, selecting and using materials. 
  • Communication and language: talking about what they are doing.
  • Maths: learning about 3D shapes.
  • Physical development: developing fine motor skills (using tape and folding/shaping). 
  • Expressive arts and design: using their imagination.
What is my child learning?

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