Latest data shows LEAP has reached 15,374 families

LEAP’s latest Annual Learning Report shows that over the lifetime of the programme, LEAP has reached a total of 15,374 families including 14,028 children and 15,254 adults.

Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) has exceeded the original aim to reach more than 10,000 families. 


Overall, LEAP has engaged an estimated two thirds of the children under 5-years-old living in the areas of Lambeth where LEAP works. 

Feedback from families about LEAP services is extremely positive.

Since 2015 Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) has funded and supported more than twenty local services to meet the needs of families through pregnancy and the early years of childhood. 

This latest data, published in LEAP’s second Annual Learning Report, provides a deep understanding of the patterns of reach and engagement between families and LEAP services. 

Participation in early years services is particularly beneficial for children facing disadvantages (for example, children from low-income families, children in care, children with disabilities, and children with special educational needs) but uptake among these families is lower than average. If services do not effectively engage with families, there is a risk that the development and educational gap between children from poorer backgrounds and their peers may widen. Outreach and engagement with local families is a core aspect of our work.

Thousands of families have participated in the wide range of services and activities LEAP has offered which help improve outcomes for very young children, and which support parents and carers. 

LEAP has also supported workforce development, delivering 208 training sessions, seminars, or webinars to 1,807 early years practitioners working in Lambeth or neighbouring boroughs. 

Engaging the diverse local population

The area where LEAP works is home for around 64,800 people, around 2,300 of whom are aged under 4-years-old. It is a diverse and culturally rich inner-London community. Seventy percent of residents do not identify as ‘White British’ and 19% of residents speak English as an additional language (40% of 5-year-olds). Economic disadvantage impacts the lives of many: 43% percent of LEAP neighbourhoods are classified as ‘most deprived’, and 68% of children live in ‘very deprived’ neighbourhoods. 

LEAP has prioritised reaching and supporting families who live in the LEAP area who are from Black, Asian and Multiple Ethnic Groups and/or live in more deprived areas in Lambeth. 

Analysis of linked Health Visiting and LEAP engagement records found that 78.9% of children whose family participated in a LEAP service had characteristics consistent with LEAP’s priority population criteria.

Family feedback

Feedback from families about LEAP services was extremely positive. Of the 1,383 responses to LEAP’s Family Feedback Form, parents and carers strongly agreed that LEAP services were welcoming (92.7%), and that LEAP staff were knowledgeable (88%), helpful (90.3%) and trustworthy (85.6%). In most responses, respondents said that they would highly recommend LEAP services and activities to their family or friends. 

Families report improved knowledge and confidence after attending LEAP services.

Analysis of medium-term outcome data shows that: 

  • LEAP’s parenting services helped parents and carers to feel more knowledgeable and confident about their parenting.
  • LEAP’s CLD services increased parents’ and carers’ knowledge and confidence around supporting their child’s early communication, language, and literacy development. Findings suggest that these services have been particularly beneficial to families with English as an additional language.
  • LEAP’s Community Activity and Nutrition service helped parents and carers to feel more knowledgeable and confident about leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Continuity for families as LEAP draws to a close

The LEAP programme is drawing to a planned close in September 2024. LEAP has worked to secure sustained support for families beyond the end of the LEAP programme. Most of LEAP’s services will continue to be provided by Lambeth Council and other partners, offering continuity for families. 

Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) is one of five local partnerships which make up A Better Start (ABS), a national ten-year (2015-2025) test and learn programme funded by the National Lottery Community Fund that aims to improve the life chances of babies, very young children, and families. LEAP is supported by the National Children’s Bureau charity (NCB) and works with a wide range of families, practitioners, and organisations across Lambeth. 

LEAP Annual Report 2022-2023 can be found here: Story of LEAP

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