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South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Focus of the training

This training will help early years practitioners to:

  1. Better understand parent-child attachment.
  2. Work with parents on bonding with their baby or infant.
  3. Be responsive to and better able to support infant mental health.


Area being addressed

Attachment is a key factor in healthy child development and positive and secure parent-child interaction supports the development of children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Where children do not develop secure attachment with a caregiver, there is increased risk of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

What is the training?

The PAIRS training course provides an overview for early years practitioners on attachment and infant mental health. It incorporates the meaning of attachment, why it is important, impact on brain development, interaction with parental mental health, and practical tips for identifying issues and having conversations with parents.

Who is the training for?

In the first instance, LEAP has made this free training offer available to all practitioners involved in delivering a LEAP service.

What is the offer to practitioners?

The training is comprised of three workshops, each lasting three hours. Each workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will look at aspects of attachment and parent-infant relationships, followed by a second half where the group will split into two smaller groups for a work discussion.

Workshop 1 - What is attachment, what are good attachments, why are they important, attachment and brain development.

Workshop 2 - Transgenerational aspects of attachment, the impact of parental mental health, the impact of parent’s history on parenting, and the impact of trauma during pregnancy and birth.

Workshop 3 - Identifying attachment difficulties, having conversations with parents, supervision support for practitioners.

Practitioners will be expected to bring examples of their work with families and clients to the training. This will ensure that theory and teaching is grounded in everyday practice.

How do I take part?

If you know of a workforce group in the LEAP area who would benefit from this training, please contact the PAIRS team on the details given below.

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