Domestic Violence Workforce Development


Lambeth Council’s Violence Against Women and Girls team

Who is the training for?

The training is for any local agency that comes into contact with families with children aged 0-3 in the LEAP area.

Focus of the training

This training helps early years practitioners to identify, assess, and refer domestic violence cases.

The problem being addressed

Frontline practitioners do not always have the confidence to identify signs of domestic violence or to have conversations with parents about these issues. We want to equip LEAP’s early years workforce with the skills and know-how to support all parents who are experiencing domestic violence and to refer cases to an appropriate specialist. 

The hope is that this will lead to more joined-up and effective support for victims with consistent messages and an established pathway.

What is the training?

An overview of:

  • What domestic violence is.
  • The prevalence of domestic violence.
  • How to identify indicators.
  • How to assess risk.
  • How to respond to disclosures.
  • How to conduct basic safety planning.
  • How to refer to specialist agencies.

This training can be offered as a refresher as well as a more in-depth course depending on the needs of learners. The course considers the impact of domestic violence on young children and encourages early intervention in domestic violence cases.

What is the offer to practitioners?

The training can take the form of bespoke training, bite-size sessions, skills development, 1-to-1 advice and support, support to develop policies, or auditing existing policies and procedures. 

As the training is tailored, sessions can be held in your offices or an external venue can be sourced.

How do I take part?

Please contact the Domestic Violence Workforce Coordinator Erika Pavely at or on 020 7926 6672. Erika will then be able to assess your agency’s needs. 

For further information and links to organisations that can provide help and support please access the following link which contains Violence against Women and girls guide:

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