Managing weight in healthy & easy ways

Harman Bajwa, our Family Nutrition Service Lead talks through some easy steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays, the main concern among many of us is to keep our weight within a happy and healthy range.

As a registered public health and food nutritionist, I can help with some very simple ways that hugely help people with their weight management. Lets’ explore some healthy and evidence-based ways to maintain a healthy weight.

Daily routine and balanced meals

Start with forming a daily routine for your meals and try to stick with the similar times each day. This helps your body to expect the meals and snacks at certain times and reduces overeating.

Beware of fad diets or misleading information which says carbs make you fat. Balance your daily meals using the five food groups from the Eatwell guide.

Follow the 3 meals per day rule with 1-2 healthier snacks (handful of nuts, vegetable sticks, fruits) in between, and you’ll never be disappointed. Skipping any meal during the day or a food group won’t help you to manage healthy weight - never skip your meals.

What to eat and drink

Increase your daily fibre intake. The recommended daily intake is 30g. Take a look at this factsheet for some high fibre dietary options.

Add more fruit and veg to your plate. 5-a-day is the national recommendation.

Fluids are equally important in a healthy daily balance. Aim for 5-8 glasses per day, and remember to stay away from fizzy and sugary drinks. Tea, coffee, fruit juice, soup, stews, fruit and veg all count towards your daily fluids. Watch the sugar and caffeine levels.

Be portion wise for all your meals. Limit your energy intake from ‘empty calories’ (pastry, cakes, cookies, fizzy drinks). Be aware of the calories in alcohol.

Now that you know what a healthy eating plan looks like, don’t forget to maintain your daily 30 minutes of physical activity (150 minutes per week)

Get support

Behavioural aspect plays a key part in our daily life, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy weight. It is vital to get support where needed and a professional can help you to identify any barriers. Our Family Nutrition service can support you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Take baby steps towards your healthy lifestyle. Eat well, move more, live happy.

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