LEAP and Me exhibition celebrates 10 years working with families

The LEAP and Me exhibition opens this week as latest data shows that Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) has reached more than 15,300 early years families through the programme’s work. The unique exhibition ‘LEAP and Me’ opens to the public on 29th and 30th May at Liz Atkinson Children’s Centre, Mostyn Road, SW9 6PH. 

 This new exhibition celebrates the experiences of some of the local families who have participated in the LEAP programme over nearly 10 years. It brings together a collection of images, spoken and written testimony. These capture what it feels like to be part of the LEAP community from the perspective of children and families.

Set up in 2015, Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) has funded and supported more than twenty local services to meet the needs of families through pregnancy and the early years of childhood. The LEAP programme is drawing to a planned close in September. Most of LEAP’s services will continue to be provided by Lambeth Council and others.

 Laura McFarlane, Director, explains:

 “We are proud that over the lifetime of the programme, LEAP has reached a total of 15,374 families. Overall, LEAP has engaged an estimated two thirds of the children under 5-years-old living in the areas of Lambeth where LEAP works.

“Families have participated in the wide range of services and activities we offer to help improve outcomes for very young children, and to support parents and carers. Participation in early years services is particularly beneficial for children facing disadvantages. Outreach and engagement with local families is a core aspect of our work.”

Kimberlin, a parent who participated in LEAP’s activities says “When my baby was born, like many first-time mums, I felt quite anxious and isolated. When my daughter was a few months old, I was introduced to a weekly Stay and Play session and then later attended St Stephen’s Children’s Centre where LEAP funded activities were offered free for parents with babies and toddlers. My baby daughter’s early experiences with LEAP helped her develop into a confident child who loves reading.”

The LEAP and Me exhibition is free and open to the public on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th May between 10am - 4pm at Liz Atkinson Children’s Centre, 9 Mostyn Road SW9 6PH.

 LEAP is one of five local partnerships which make up A Better Start, a national ten-year (2015-2025) test and learn programme funded by the National Lottery Community Fund that aims to improve the life chances of babies, very young children, and families. LEAP is hosted by the National Children’s Bureau charity (NCB).

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