Overcrowded Housing Support Services

In light of the current coronavirus/Covid-19 government recommendations, all home visits have been suspended until further notice, and no DIY workshops are scheduled. Professionals and parents can contact Family Housing Advisors using the details below to discuss what support and advice can be offered remotely.

Professionals and parents can contact Family Housing Advisors to discuss what support and advice can be offered remotely.

For families living in Lambeth Council properties, contact Nicola Doal: 07740 745 620 / ndoal@lambeth.gov.uk.

For those in private rented properties, contact Trisan Gordon: 07944691679 / tgordon@lambeth.gov.uk.

Support is also available from the Council if you’re worried about your financial circumstances, becoming homeless, or are sleeping rough.

About Overcrowded Housing Support Service

The Lambeth Council Allocation define overcrowded as when a home is lacking at least one bedroom for the family. 

There are three levels of overcrowding:

  • 1 bedroom lacking – overcrowded.

  • 2 bedrooms lacking – severely overcrowded.

  • Illegally overcrowded – if there if there are not enough rooms or space for the number of people who live there. (This is based on an assessment measuring rooms and calculating the amount of people vs ages vs rooms available.)

LEAP’s Overcrowded Housing Support Service finds approaches to mitigate the effects of overcrowding with families in our four wards.

How will Overcrowded Housing Support Service support you?

The Overcrowded Housing Support Service aims to reduce stress and anxiety for families with young children through support for their well-being, improving the use of space and storage facilities and creating healthier living environments.

How does Overcrowded Housing Support Service work?

Home visits, housing and wellbeing advice, access to small grants for home improvements around maximising space, DIY workshops, and wider activities.

What happens when you attend Overcrowded Housing Support Service?

Home visits are tailored around the family and their needs, so each session is different. During the initial session we will discuss the needs of the household looking at the areas of sleeping, eating, playing, learning, being together and being alone (privacy) and what the family would like to change in their home to allow for these activities. 

We look at housing advice, small space solutions with a grant of up to £800, linking parents and families into their communities, wellbeing and mental health. Each subsequent session will build around the goals of each family. This could be as diverse as building furniture together, completing a medical assessment, or discussing safety concerns in the household.

What are the benefits of attending Overcrowded Housing Support Service?

  • Families have increased knowledge, skills and motivation to make changes to their home environment

  • Families have improved eating spaces in the home

  • Families have improved learning spaces within the home

  • Families have improved play spaces within the home

  • Families have improved spaces for privacy and/or quiet time

  • Families have improved sleeping spaces in the home

  • Families attend/ engage with local events more often

Overcrowded Housing Support Services

How to get involved

All LEAP families categorised on the Housing Transfer List as living in overcrowded housing are contacted directly by a LEAP Family Housing Advisor.

All LEAP families who are privately renting, on the Housing Register, and deemed overcrowded, will be contacted directly by a LEAP Family Housing Advisor.

Professionals either looking to refer or seeking advice on overcrowded housing are encouraged to get in touch.  

Family Housing Advisor (Lambeth Council properties): Nicola Doal ndoal@lambeth.gov.uk 0207 926 2975

Family Housing Advisor (Private rented properties): Trisan Gordon tgordon@lambeth.gov.uk 0207 926 4348

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