3 things parents should consider before going back to work

Benefits, childcare and the support you'll need to succeed in the workplace.

How will employment affect my benefits?

Each person’s situation is unique. Use one of these calculators to see employment could affect your benefits. 

You may have to register your details to use some of the calculators.

  • Benefits and budgeting calculator
    See how much benefit you are eligible for. And how much better off you might be in work.
    Find out how changes in your household budget can affect your income.
  • Entitledto
    Receive an estimate of your entitlement to benefits, tax credits and Universal Credit.
  • turn2us
    Discover your entitlement to means-tested benefits and carers allowance.

What are my childcare options?

In Lambeth, the Families Information Directory has lots of info about childcare in the borough.


  • Free childcare – check if you qualify for 15 or 30 free hours and make an application online.
  • Registered childminders in Lambeth.
  • Children’s centres and their activities.

Visit the Families Information Directory.

Consider using your support network, such as your family or friends. 

Can you share childcare responsibilities with other families, related or not? 

Private nurseries are another alternative. Each nursery sets their own prices.

What can I afford? An important question early in the process. Childcare can be costly.

What other support do I need?

Who can you talk to for advice? 

We all need someone to lean on at times, and share work-related concerns. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours – it doesn't matter who, as long as they're a good listener.

Don't neglect your health.

What activities do you enjoy? Make time for yourself and eat healthily so that you have the energy to succeed.

Yoga and meditation can be great for exercise and relaxtion. The online Brixton Yoga community has been running free daily classes via Zoom.

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