What is Together Time?

As part of our Parent and Infant Relationship Service (PAIRS), LEAP is running a programme called ‘Together Time’, which is based on a parent-infant technique called ‘Watch, Wait and Wonder’.  

At the ‘Together Time’ groups you are encouraged to think about:

  • Your baby/child’s experience, what they might be thinking and feeling.
  • How your baby/child might be experiencing their world and environment.
  • What your baby/child might want from you the parent/carer.

The aim of ‘Together Time’ is to help improve the quality of your relationship with your baby, making it more satisfying for both parent and child. 

By supporting your skills in watching your baby, you can increase your understanding of how your baby communicates and explore ways of developing more sensitivity to your baby’s needs. 

How you get involved

The PAIRS team will meet with all parents beforehand in a “get to know you session” about you and your baby, hear about your experience of pregnancy and how your life has been since becoming a parent. 

Everyone at the session then comes into a wider group, which lasts for six sessions. Each session lasts for one hour and 30 minutes. 

What happens at the group?

When attending a group session, you can expect:

  • The group generally consists of six to eight parents with their children. 
  • A catch up to see how the last week has been for all the parents.
  • A question to explore everyone’s experience of parenting.
  • Opportunities to practice ‘Watch, Wait and Wonder’ with a break in-between. 

After the session:

  • Drinks and snacks during the break.
  • Follow up phone call after the group to check with the families and give them feedback on the changes you have made when you have completed the final session and how that compares to the first meeting.

The group is set up and supported by the PAIRS team, but may be run by children centre, workers from A Better Start and/or specialist health visitors, who have received specialist training in the principles of attachment and early parent infant therapeutic work.

When is it?

We try to run two groups per term, and are running them through the children’s centres, so families can book on through the children’s centres.

There is an outreach worker at each children’s centre who will take a lead in booking families. 

The groups have also been promoted through the children centre booklets and promotional material.